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Virtual live video chat one hour lesson is $65.

Another virtual option and yes we will be using YouTube BUT all videos will be private between Affinity Canine LLC and client.  So how does this work?  You upload your video or videos to YouTube and set your settings as private then you share the video or videos with Affinity Canine.  Within 24-48 hours we will submit back to you video(s) our recommendations detailed out and video(s) showing you how to.  The cost for this program is just $30 per response or 4 responses for $100 ($20 savings).  We can also do a combination of live virtual lessons and response videos.  So for example we do a live virtual video chat for your first lesson then we do your subsequent interactions via response videos.  You choose how many live video chats vs response videos and in what order.

Response videos will be $30 each or 4 for $100 (If paid up front). 

Please note if you do a video of you describing the behavior and what your goals are and another video showing us the behavior that is considered one not two submissions .  I understand we can’t always capture the desired behavior at same time or it may be loud etc.  And for those of you that need help with the technology of how to, don’t worry I can guide you through it. 

Tips how to record and submit videos using YouTube:

• Record horizontally if possible. 

• Record as close as possible as often the details will need to be seen up close.

• If possible use a tripod, prop your recording device, or have someone else record.

• Record with as much lighting as possible.

• Upload your video to YouTube and see privacy settings to Private.

• Send link for your YouTube video to Affinity Canine LLC at and include in email your preferred method of payment Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle, and where we can send you an invoice.

• With 24-48 hours of receipt of payment you will receive an email back with a link to your Video Response.

Virtual lessons via FaceTime, Facebook video messaging, Zoom, or Skype have begun!  At home with your dogs and want to work on something with them but thought training with a trainer wasn’t an option with your schedule, the current state of COVID-19, financial constraints, or just your preference to work virtually?  Now we are offering one hour sessions via live video chat.  We will discuss your dogs behavior and we can even show you with demonstrations with our dogs as well how to work on the behaviors you are looking to address.  Some behaviors may require you to have a second person to hold a camera, use a tripod or prop up your phone.  Some more serious behaviors like aggression may only be able to work on some of the behavior virtually, please ask us for more details. 
“I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect with the remote training session since it’s generally a pretty hands-on experience but I was pleasantly surprised. Besides the convenience of using FaceTime, what I really liked about it was that it allowed Abbe to observe our dogs’ behaviors as they occur naturally in our home (good or bad). If she was with us in person, the dogs would have been more focused on checking out the new person in the house, and my anxious little Penny would have been hiding or more timid than when she is just with our family. It also forced us to try the techniques rather than just watch Abbe work with the dogs, which allowed her to correct us as well so we were comfortable employing the techniques once the training session ended. I would and will definitely do it again.”  Beth

“Abbe is great!  She used one of her dogs to instruct me and we talked through the issues we are having with Lucy and she offered some great suggestions.  I highly recommend reaching out to Abbe if you have any training issues. “ Melissa H.

“I had a video lesson with Abbe and Tango (her black lab ).  I just needed a refresher from our lesson weeks before.   But now with the social distancing we have to do, this was the next best thing.   It went great and was fun to see how she handles her pack!!! She was able to help me with all of my questions and to show me using her dog Tango!!! Thank you Abbe!!“ Marian R.

“Abbe gave great examples and talked through different scenarios, giving me advice on purchases to make for Raven. (Which I am purchasing!)“ Gina M.