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Abbe is amazing. She is so good with dogs. Abbe worked with our 7 month old hound mix who is terrified of stairs and gave us great techniques for helping him with his fear. It’s only been 24 hours and he’s already handling them much better. She’s kind, patient and really cares about giving advice to help you succeed as a pet owner. We can’t recommend her enough!
Marlene K.

We met with Abbe today about our pittie mix Kolbe who is very stranger anxious. She spent a few hours getting to know Kolbe from afar while explaining the why and how to help our boy. A great experience. We can't wait to attempt a pack walk!
Heather N.

We found ourselves unexpectedly taking in a very energetic, head-strong two year old husky/pit mix. We were very nervous, as we already have a pack of three, two of which are seniors and set in their ways. With all this craziness going on outside our home as well as inside, Abbe was able to save the day remotely via a FaceTime session so we could all stay home and practice social distancing 😊

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect with the remote training session since it’s generally a pretty hands-on experience but I was pleasantly surprised. Besides the convenience of using FaceTime, what I really liked about it was that it allowed Abbe to observe our dogs’ behaviors as they occur naturally in our home (good or bad). If she was with us in person, the dogs would have been more focused on checking out the new person in the house, and my anxious little Penny would have been hiding or more timid than when she is just herself with our family. It also forced us to try the techniques rather than just watch Abbe work with the dogs, which allowed her to correct us as well so we were comfortable employing the techniques properly and confidently once the training session ended. I would and will definitely do it again. Thank you so much, Abbe! We love working with you!
Beth P.

Abbe helped us to properly introduce a new dog in with our spoiled existing dog. She is so knowledgeable and caring. I couldn’t recommend more!
Nicole P.

We met Abbe not long after adopting our dog Davis. He’s a two year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. She worked with us during private lessons and then ultimately took Davis for a board and train.

Abbe is affordable, honest and kind. She knows her stuff when it comes to dogs. She was able to condition Davis to an e collar which for us has been an absolute game changer since he’s been home. His behavior is so much better than it was prior to finding her as our trainer.

I highly recommend Abbe for private lessons as well as with her board and train program. I truly believe she was worth every penny ☺️
Carli L.

Abbe has been working with our German Shepherd (Bodhi) since he was about 6 months old. She has absolutely transformed him into a new dog. She's done private lessons with him, board & trains, and boarding only and he LOVES her. She is literally the only one i trust him with and I know he's safe with her. Abbe knows her stuff!
Kelly G.

Had a visit with Abbe for my dog Jack.  I have tried several different training techniques to help him (and me) be more successful in walks around my neighborhood.  He loves to walk but gets overly excited (to put it mildly) when he sees another dog.  He is small but mighty.  I was impressed that Abbe observed him first before giving recommendations rather than just jump in and start correcting behavior.  She was able to point out some things he does right before he is going to become vocal and opinionated that I had not noticed.  She also demonstrated a technique to communicate clearly to him what was expected through my handling of the leash.  I was very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend her.
Kathy W.

My spoiled toy aggressive Yorkie was a terror . I had him in training for this so I could get another puppy . As long as he continued with his aggression there was no way I could bring a puppy home . Huge change in one month! HUGE !! It’s been three months and with Abby giving us guidance.. he is actually a pretty cool little guy ❤️ and I get my puppy in 4 weeks ❤️ thank you Abbe for giving me a happy pack !
Mary D.

I have taken 3 dogs through Abbe’s classes, from puppies up to basic obedience. Two of them are now competing in obedience and rally. The foundation skills Abbe gave us have set us up for success in the competition classes.
Jennifer B.

Our 11-year-old Yorkie/Bichon completed a 2-week board & train at Affinity Canine. Jake had food aggression issues and liked to police other dogs when they played. Abbe was very patient, answered all of my questions, and sent progress updates throughout the training (it was his first time away from home so I was a very nervous parent). When he came home, I was amazed. He would sit patiently and wait for food and he was no longer charging at the activity around the house. A few months later, Abbe helped us with our puppy selection. She provided guidance on finding a reputable breeder, described what to look for with regards to the puppy’s personality, and offered suggestions as to which breed best fits our lifestyle. Ellie finished a 4-week board and train and I couldn’t have been more grateful. Having Abbe establish a solid foundation was essential in our multi-dog home. Because we like to travel with our dogs, it was important for Ellie to be solid on her “come” skill, heel, and trained off-leash. She went back for additional training which was truly beneficial for both of us. We learned that Ellie tends to overthink, so Abbe worked with me to improve my body language communication with her. Abbe’s knowledge and passion for animals are truly evident in her work.
Tomi L.